The 2019 S2Maui WICKED 2-cam Freerace and Foil sail is a direct descendant of our ultimate performance VENOM race sail, but in a more forgiving package. 7 battens which include carbon tubes, make for an incredibly light, stable and efficient freerace sail with blazing speed. SpaceLightâ„¢ construction makes the WICKED one of the lightest production Freerace and Foil sails available. Slightly softer overall tension and cam pressure ensure effortless rotation and excellent control with a light feel. These properties also make the WICKED an excellently balanced, smooth, light and stable sail for wind foil and testing has proven it to be one of the best. The addition of a 4.6 and 5.2 size for 2019 are exciting to both light weight racers and foil enthusiasts alike.

Artur Szpunar:
The 2019 WICKED features a highly refined twist pattern that gives it excellent efficiency and balance for both freerace performance and foil flight. The moderate width sleeve with 2 cambers locks the profile, while allowing effortless rotation, light weight and minimizing water retention.