The Dragon is the ultimate high performance, progressive wavesail. Supercharged Warp-Path™ construction for 2021 with NEW incredibly responsive, extreme strength Carbon WX Spacelight™ blended with ultralight Technora™ Spacelight™ for an ultralight, smooth and reactive feeling without equal. Combining incredible maneuverability and light, responsive handling with excellent power and wind range, the Dragon will draw the most radical lines at Ho’okipa, while also dominating a wave competition during a North Sea storm. Achieving agility and power from its perfectly balanced lower aspect ratio, the Dragon helps you execute the most demanding wave moves in down-the-line and onshore conditions alike, transitioning flawlessly from hard driving bottom turns to neutral off-the-top. Combining the power of traditional sails .2 square meters larger with reduced rotational inertia due to the low aspect ratio and super lightweight, the Dragon has a breathtaking maneuverability advantage that has to be experienced.

Camille Juban:
“When it comes to performance, the S2Maui Dragon is simply the sail I can trust the most. The lightness and maneuverability made me have good results at contests, especially at the Aloha Classic.”
(Camille career best PWA event result 2nd place at Aloha Classic)

Sarah Hauser:
“It’s great to have a wave-sailing sail that always has some power available so that I can accelerate on demand, especially when the wind and waves aren’t totally perfect and I need to make last minute adjustments during a bottom turn. The magic is that this “stored power” doesn’t translate into more effort or weight, the Dragon only gives you the good parts: control and speed!

Artur Szpunar:
The 2021 Dragon is an exciting performance break through. Developing a new full carbon fiber version of our warp oriented Space Light laminates to use in the highest load tack, leech and foot areas, has really energized the sail! It is the natural evolution of our successful WARP-PATH™ load oriented construction and gives the ultimate in extreme strength and amazing sail weights 15-20% lighter than the competition.