The S2Maui OSPREY has proven itself as the perfect high performance foil freerace engine with 2 cams! The 2022 OSPREY has a 7-batten skeleton and shaping evolved from our latest EAGLE-FR world cup foil-race sails, but adapted to a more forgiving package with slightly softer tension, effortless cam rotation and moderate sleeve width. A high aspect ratio, narrower head, tighter leech twist and low-cut foot are perfectly optimized for incredibly efficient and stable foil flight.

The S2Maui OSPREY is one of the lightest, cambered Foil-Freerace sails in production. The new panel layout of the 2022 OSPREY closely resembles the 2022 EAGLE-FR with increased use of lightweight performance monofilm in the sail body for direct and responsive acceleration. S2Maui’s exclusive superlight and strong Technora Spacelight™ is oriented along the leech with Carbon Spacelight™ in the clew reducing weight where it matters most for instant and reactive leech response. Race quality carbon and fiberglass tubes lock in the profile.

If you are looking to maximize your wind-foil speed but prefer something lighter and more forgiving than a full-on PWA foil-race sail, the new S2Maui OSPREY is the perfect choice!