Competition Performance, Power & Agility

The Dragon is the ultimate high performance, progressive wavesail and in 2018 is built entirely in premium Technora spacelight for an ultralight and smooth feeling without equal. Combining incredible maneuverability and light, responsive handling with excellent power and wind range, the Dragon will draw the most radical lines at Ho’okipa, while also dominating a wave competition during a North Sea storm. Achieving agility and power from its perfectly balanced lower aspect ratio, the Dragon puts you quickly into position to execute the most demanding wave moves in down-the-line and onshore conditions alike, transitioning flawlessly from hard driving bottom turns to neutral off-the-top. Combining the power of traditional sails .2 square meters larger with reduced rotational inertia due to the low aspect ratio and superlightweight, the Dragon has a breathtaking maneuverability advantage that has to be experienced.

Artur Szpunar:
For 2018 we upgraded the engineering of the main sail body to full Technora SpaceLight™ reinforced with unidirectional Kevlar load patches, allowing us to increase strength and reduce weight to industry leading levels, while boosting the incredible silky-smooth, quiet and stable handling to another dimension. The DRAGON’s wind range has been increased through luff curve refinements which promote twist and stabilize profile. The WARP-PATH™ oriented panel layout offers the ultimate load carrying and shape control ability and allows for sail weights 15-20% lighter than the competition.