What’s all the “buzz” about? The exciting new 2021 S2Maui HORNET has been designed specifically for performance-minded wind-foil riders who prefer a lighter sail without cams. The HORNET combines elements of both our V-FR Foil Race as well as the RAF Banshee for the ultimate windfoil experience. A high aspect outline, lower foot and panel layout evolved from our V-FR Foil Race sail is combined with a 6-batten RAF skeleton and a tighter, foil specific leech twist profile. Ultralight Technora™ Spacelight™ is used in the leech twist zone together with Technical new low stretch Carbon WX Spacelight™ in the clew for an incredibly stable and light weight wing structure! Powerful shaping and high efficiency leech tension accelerates quickly, lifting you up on the foil, while perfect balance and more forward draft position give outstanding stability and glide during flight.

Micah Buzianis:
“The new Hornet is bred from all our work on the V-FR packaged into a lighter, more user friendly sail. It has quickly become the perfect all around foil freeride sail, light weight, easy to rig, stable and great all around range. Rotation is smooth and easy, making foiling gybes a breeze!!”

Artur Szpunar:
The HORNET will be the perfect wind foil engine for the majority of riders. High Performance outline with the simplicity and light weight of a No-Cam. We’re excited about this new line!