WARP-PATH™, S2 Maui’s functional and unique panel layout, aligns SpaceLight™ warp oriented Carbon and Technora™ fibers along load paths in the sail body.

• LIGHTER SAILS: The strength of load oriented Carbon and Technora™ fibers in super light SpaceLight™ material allows for reduction in patch size which results in a weight of finished sails 10-20% % below industry standard.

• STRONGER SAILS: Load oriented panels with high strength Carbon and Technora™ distribute tension in high stress areas and create an incredibly strong sail body and perimeter. Carbon fibers used in foot, clew and lower leech have 8x higher tensile strength compared to Polyester. Double pass lamination ensures long term durability.

• PERFECT BALANCE AND STABILITY: The WARP-PATH™ engineered panel layout locates each technical material in it’s optimum location to distribute forces throughout the sail body. 10x more stretch resistant Carbon fiber is load-oriented in the high tension tack, clew and lower leech zones, ensuring perfect shape integrity and improving stability and range. Superlight Technora™ fibers are oriented according to twist and perimeter loads throughout the remainder of the sail body, creating a balanced skin tension and a smooth rig response. The rig feels perfectly balanced and connected throughout a wide wind range.

• MORE RESPONSIVE HANDLING: Carbon WX Spacelight™ panels in the tack, clew and lower leech area more directly transmit energy and give the sail an amazing, responsive feeling that has to be experienced. Super-light weight and low stretch SpaceLight™ Technora, oriented along twist and perimeter loads allow for an extremely quick sail twist reflex dynamic. On the water, these technical features result in a magical feel that is light in the hands with smooth consistent power.

S2Maui’s WARP-PATH™ construction also has some notable advantages over expensive membrane sails:

• SHAPING FLEXIBILITY: WARP-PATH™ offers benefits of Carbon and Technora™ fiber orientation combined with the profile control advantages of vertical/horizontal sail shaping techniques.

• CONTINUOUS ONE PIECE LUFF PANEL: WARP-PATH™ maintains a one piece, full length luff panel with Technora™ fibers running the full length of the leading edge, uninterrupted. This is a much stronger construction than typical windsurf membranes, where horizontal seams split the fibers along the leading edge.

• ABILITY TO CONTROL FILM THICKNESS: WARP-PATH™ combines the benefits of Carbon and Technora™ fiber orientation with the ability to also control film thickness where needed for durability. The result is the best combination of lightest weight and also highest strength and durability.

Actual photo taken April 24, 2015 during testing of S2Maui’s exclusive SpaceLight™ laminate’s UV resistance properties at the edge of space. Special thanks to Dr. Tony Phillips at Earth to Sky Calculus.


S2Maui’s high performance sails are built with Carbon and Technora™ fiber (S2Maui Spacelight™) which have up to 10x less stretch and 8x higher tensile strength than polyester (which is used by the other guys).

There’s more to sail cloth than just its color! Many “marketing focused” brands use cheap polyester material that has 25 year old obsolete technology.

S2Maui is different and prioritizes cutting edge technical materials that give real performance advantages.

To achieve our goal of developing sails with the highest possible performance, lightest weight and exceptional strength, we worked closely with the world-leading sail cloth manufacturer to design and develop the ultimate super-light and strong laminate sail cloth, SpaceLight™ Technora™ to be used exclusively with our original, load oriented WARP-PATH™ sail construction. To further push the envelope, we developed the exciting Carbon WX Spacelight which incorporates extreme strength and virtually zero stretch 3500 Denier Carbon fiber warp yarns throughout the material, and is perfectly suited to handle the highest load tack, clew and leech areas of the sail and ensure ideal sail shape is maintained under load. All S2Maui laminate sail cloth is produced in the USA.


• STRONGER MATERIAL: Carbon warp fibers have eight times the tensile strength and Technora™ fibers used in warp and bias directions have three times the tensile strength of standard polyester fibers.

• LIGHTER MATERIAL: Technora™ and scrim matrix combined with double pass laminated, light weight films reduces weight by 50% to 75% compared to standard 5 mil sail material.

• LESS STRETCH: Carbon warp fibers used in highest load areas have 10 times less stretch than Polyester. Technora™ fibers also have 4 times less stretch than Polyester. This is necessary for specific load orientated panel configurations.

• MORE DURABLE: The scrim base and extremely strong Carbon and Technora™ yarns develop incredible tear resistance. Double pass lamination ensures a perfect bond with adhesive on both sides of the fibers and helps prevent delamination.

• MORE UV RESISTANT: The opaque and metallic pigments on both sides of the laminate have outstanding UV resistance.


SpaceLight™ is S2Maui’s exclusive durable super-light and stable laminate sail cloth featuring warp oriented Technora™ and Carbon fibers.
S2Maui uses three different versions of SpaceLight™, each perfectly matched to the structural requirements in the given part of the sail.

1) Carbon WX™ Spacelight™: Extremely strong, durable and virtually zero stretch material with Carbon Fiber warp yarns. Used in highest load tack, clew and leech panels of the sail to perfectly control shape and provide incredible strength.

2) Technora™ Spacelight™ UL: Superlight, strong and stretch resistant material with 100% Technora™ fiber warp and x-ply yarns. Used in upper and middle sail body panels for an amazing light feel and responsive handling.

3)Technora™ Spacelight™ XTR: Medium-light weight material with Technora™ fiber. Used for durability in high wear head, upper leech and luff areas.