With the foil discipline evolving rapidly in both slalom and course, we placed a special emphasis on the development of S2Maui’s new 2021 EAGLE-FR world cup foil race machine.

The EAGLE-FR replaces S2Maui’s V-FR which enjoyed good success the past seasons, with Delphine Cousin winning 2 consecutive PWA Foil World Championships and Antoine Questel winning one of the first ever Foil-slalom races in Costa Brava. Working together with feedback from Antoine, Delphine, Gabriel and Micah, the new EAGLE-FR has been designed to win.

Through rigorous testing and recuts we developed an incredibly fast and efficient foil-race specific twist pattern with tighter leech tension in the top 3 battens, while allowing a progressive release from clew to head for perfect balance. The EAGLE- FR’s new outline has a high aspect ratio with a shorter chord, narrower head width, lower-cut foot and lower clew for perfect balance and trim. Overall sail body tension has been increased slightly and together with a flatter profile, more forward draft position and wide sleeve, the EAGLE-FR’s incredible stability allows you to focus on flying past the competition.

Incredibly light, 2021 EAGLE-FR is built with S2Maui’s exclusive superlight and strong Technora Spacelight™ in the upper leech reducing weight for instant and reactive leech response. Performance film in the mid-sail body and carbon tube battens lock in complete stability. S2Maui’s multi-roller, wide footprint, low friction race cambers and alternate side pockets at lower battens provide excellent, smooth and complete cam rotation.