The Banshee provides speed, power and light weight handling that puts many cambered race sails to shame. This high performance RAF (no-cam) design focuses on slalom/freerace performance in middle and larger sizes, with the smallest sizes transitioning to freeride, each with blistering speed. Super-light weight and progressive leech profile give incredible early planning and instant acceleration. The center of effort is perfectly balanced low and close to the rider for maximum control. FocusPoint™ shaping derived from race development locks in a clean profile for maximum stability. For those who want maximum, no compromise speed and performance but don’t want cams.

Artur Szpunar:
Reduced aspect ratio outline and FocusPoint™ shaping, modeled after our race sails, adapted to a super-light, 6-batten RAF skeleton gives tremendous horsepower and acceleration. Our exclusive, high-tech load oriented WARPPATH™ panel layout featuring SpaceLight™ body construction together with race-stable, tube battens reduces weight and locks in profile.