Ultra maneuverable, lightning quick and feather-light, the Catalyst is a surfer’s sail for more powerful waves and down-the-line conditions.  Meticulous attention to shaping details and plenty of days testing on Maui’s North Shore yield a 3-batten design that flawlessly fits and breathes with every set wave.  The center of effort is perfectly positioned to naturally draw you into fantasy lines on the wave face, and specialized shaping techniques deliver the stable profile and good wind range necessary to handle gusty offshore conditions.  The Catalyst features the power you need to get out and up to the peak, but once on the wave its lightness, combined with its smooth transition from power to neutral, makes the Catalyst disappear in your hands, and you are left truly surfing.

Artur Szpunar:
The Catalyst benefits from the vertical/horizontal shaping panel configuration, allowing the sail to maintain excellent skin tension under load, something uncommon for 3 batten sails.  The super light Spacelight™ body panels with low stretch WARP-PATH™ aligned panel layout contributes to the stability and responsiveness of the sail.  Not to mention it’s ridiculously light.