S2Maui’s high performance, ultralight RAF (camless) Freeride/Freerace/FreeFoil sail, the 2022 Banshee provides amazing speed, power and lightweight handling that puts many cambered sails to shame. Superlight weight and progressive leech twist give energetic early planing and instant acceleration. The center of effort is perfectly balanced low and close to the rider for maximum control and Race-derived Focus-Point™ shaping locks a clean and stable profile. The Banshee’s powerful shaping and stability makes it versatile and well-suited to performance minded sailors who like to enjoy both Freeride and Wind-foil with the same sail. The Banshee’s exceptional power to size ratio and incredible light weight allow for perfectly balanced foil flight even in the lightest of winds. The Banshee offers exceptional speed, performance and versatility from Freeride to Foil, all with the ease of a camless sail.

Micah Buzianis:
“The perfect one sail does it all is how I would describe the Banshee!! It has great range for going fast in a straight line or around a course. It also has great stability for foiling fun or fun racing!! And with its light weight and maneuverability it could even serve as a light wind bump ‘n’ jump sail.”

Artur Szpunar:
The 2022 Banshee borrows elements from our most recent Venom race sail development with a smoother panel layout and reduced weight in the head and upper leech. A clean, refined twist pattern and profile shape increase stability, direct power transmission and acceleration.