S2Maui’s 100% dedicated freestyle sail, the 2019 Jester is built upon the experience that comes from designing the most sought after competion sails for some of the world’stop freestylers, resulting in the most progressive one yet. Built in a no-compromise, ultra-light construction of SpaceLight™ perimeter and light, crisp monofilm mid-body, with a Dacron luff panel, the Jester leaves no room for excuses. Optimized for the most progressive style, the Jester is designed to bring your trick arsenal to new levels In 2019, S2Maui is happy to expand its freestyle team to include the very talented Aron Etmon CUR-2 (PWA 2015 Freestyle Youth Champion) together with top US rider, Bryan Metcalf-Perez.

Aron Etman:
“Really powerful, light sail with lots of lift even in lighter winds. Although the sail is easy and fast during rotation, it stays in control.”

Artur Szpunar:
For 2019 we increased the size of the SpaceLight™ Perimeter on the Jester for added durability and light weight while maintaining monofilm where needed, to give that characteristic crisp, reactive feel desired by dedicated freestylers. A moderate aspect ratio with a nicely tensioned leech provides instant response, exceptionally quick handling and max pop factor!