A legacy of design experience creating the wings that powered many champions to the highest levels. The Venom is the ultimate performance race sail that we have created.

LIGHTER: “Space-Light™” laminate combined with progressive weight film vertical panels.
FASTER: Perfectly tuned profile and efficient leech twist progression.

BALANCED and STABLE: New “Focus Point tm” shaping concentrates shaping points where they are most effective at locking profile.

EFFICIENT: Leech and head geometry tuned to eliminate inefficient movement and maintain correct angle of attack through a wide wind range.

RANGE: Increased and forward oriented profile combined with ultra-smooth gust response give perfect control through a huge wind range.

ACCELERATE: Increased lower sleeve width improves aerodynamic profile and combines with tuned tension to convert each gust into maximum horsepower.

SMOOTH: Shaping points, luff curve and sleeve width perfectly balanced for smooth positive rotation.