Power & Agility

The Dragon’s compact, 4 batten profile and balanced shaping delivers the perfect synthesis of power-on-demand and lightness in the hands. It puts you quickly into position to execute the most demanding wave maneuvers in down-the-line and onshore conditions alike, transitioning flawlessly from hard driving bottom turns to neutral off the top. A unique combination of power, agility, and control make it the weapon of choice on any wave day for those that want maximum maneuverability and drive combined with excellent wind range. By virtue of its low aspect ratio and refined shaping, the Dragon truly has the equivalent power of traditional sails .2 square meters larger, which when combined with the reduced rotational inertia gives a tremendous maneuverability advantage.

Artur Szpunar:
By carefully balancing the sail body tension around a low aspect ratio 4 batten outline we achieved a truly magical combination of incredible maneuverability and light handling together with great drive, power and wind range. Our all new, light weight and extremely strong WARP-PATH™ aligned panel layout and SpaceLight™ laminates bring the sail to life, not only because of the significant weight reduction, but also the much improved stretch characteristics give noticeably better response and stability.