S2Maui’s 100% dedicated freestyle sail, the 2018 Jester is built upon the experience that comes from designing the most sought after competition sails for some of the world’s top freestylers, resulting in the most progressive one yet. Built in a no-compromise, ultra-light construction of SpaceLight™ perimeter and light, crisp monofilm mid-body, with a Dacron luff panel, the Jester leaves no room for excuses. Optimized for the most progressive style, the Jester is designed to bring your trick arsenal to new levels.

Artur Szpunar:
For 2018 we upgraded the engineering of the main sail body to full Technora SpaceLight™ reinforced with unidirectional Kevlar load patches, improving the handling character, reducing swing weight and physical weight to mind-popping levels! A moderate aspect ratio with a nicely tensioned leech provides instant response and exceptionally quick handling. FocusPoint™ shaping balances maximum profile with center of effort and dishes out maximum pop. Super-light and quick!