S2 Maui’s mast range has been built to follow the no-compromise performance philosophy of everything that we do. We have kept the range
simple with each mast product incorporating the optimum combination of light weight and strength for its purpose. Kevlar reinforcement in the
bottom section of all masts distributes load and provides impact protection, ensuring excellent durability. Our masts are built with a versatile
constant curve bend that when combined with 100% carbon prepreg construction gives an incredibly responsive and dynamic feel to the entire
rig. In addition to suiting S2 Maui rigs perfectly, our masts are also compatible with many other constant curve brands. Our bend percentages 
range between 63-65 bottom to 74-76 top depending on model and size.


S2Maui’s high performance and high strength, 100% prepreg carbon RDM wave mast is the optimum spar to complement the ultra-light feel of our wave sails.
High strength Kevlar reinforced bottom gives you the best of both worlds, a high performance wave mast that is built to handle the abuse of a North Shore winter.


S2Maui’s all new PE’AHI 90 mast is built with the #1 goal of extreme strength for riders who are notoriously hard on gear, with high wall thickness and a top integrated ferrule.
Testing involved extensive abuse at Pe’ahi (Jaws), Big Ho’okipa and Cloudbreak during the Fall, Winter and Spring of ‘18/19 and showed outstanding resistance to breakage.


Designed for a perfect synthesis with S2Maui’s VENOM race sails, the VENOM 100% carbon race spar is light weight and ultra responsive. Kevlar bottom
reinforcement protects from point loading associated with boom clamp and cambers. The constant curve character allows for a very progressive leech twist pattern
and an ultra efficient rig that dynamically breathes and accelerates with every gust.


75% Carbon SDM is perfect for Freeride performance. Light, responsive and durable. Makes the S2Maui BANSHEE come to life.


S2Maui’s all new 310cm 70% Carbon RDM fits perfectly with the S2Maui SQUIER performance kids sail. Light, responsive and durable.


SS2Maui’s all new Fiberglass RDM school mast in both 230cm and 310cm lengths to fit perfectly with the S2Maui KULA sail range. Durable and affordable.