The 2020 V-FR (Venom-Foil Race) is S2Maui’s dedicated, superlight weight, World Cup foil racesail. The V-FR evolved from S2Maui’s VENOM racesails which dominated the first PWA foil events in 2017, but features a significantly higher aspect ratio and tighter leech for upwind performance. In its first year, the V-FR already showed impressive performance with Delphine Cousin winning both PWA Foil events in 2019, Japan and Korea, and Antoine Questel winning one of the first Foil slalom races in Costa Brava. Working together with feedback from Antoine, Delphine, Gabriel and Micah, significant improvements have been implemented to the 2020 V-FR, including shorter cord length, tighter mid leech, lower foot and increased lift. New multi-roller, wide footprint, low friction cambers and alternate side pockets at lower battens provide excellent, smooth and complete cam rotation. Refined Spacelight™ panel layout increases use of “performance film” in the lower sail body and focuses new superlight, low stretch “Bright Molten Red” and “Intense Metallic Blue” Technora Spacelight™ in the upper leech for instant and reactive leech response. A new 7.0 size has also been added to the 2020 V-FR range for higher wind conditions. The 2020 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 are designed for maximum performance in both Foil Slalom and Foil Course style racing. The 9.9 size is designed specifically for Foil Course racing. The 2020 S2Maui V-FR is the weapon of choice for those serious about foil racing.