Introducing the 2021 Wave/Freeride/Foil/Freestyle Ranges


After a successful 2020 season, thanks to the support of our loyal customers, distributors and athletes world wide, we were inspired to push the limits for the 2021 S2Maui Wave/Freeride/Foil/Freestyle ranges. Since November of 2020 we have been hard at work on new 2021 designs and technically advanced Carbon fiber and Technora™ sail cloth materials that are fresh and innovative enough to reward and excite our customers! The result is more responsive, stable, lighter and stronger wave and freeride sails as well as exciting, new, performance oriented Windfoil specific models! Our all New Carbon WX Spacelight™ utilizes full length 3500 denier sheet carbon warp fibers, in our load-oriented WARP-PATH™ panel layout to completely control stretch and maximize stability. Used together with vibrant new Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Orange colors of our superlight and strong Technora™ SpaceLight™, gives incredible light and responsive performance that also visually stands out on the water. S2Maui offers a technical, performance value above all others. We are proud of all our riders’ and customers’ achievements around the world, including national championships in Japan, Greece, France, Peru, Brazil, USA as well as the amazing double world championship of Delphine Cousin in both PWA Slalom and Foil! At the most prestigious Wave event in the world, Camille Juban, in his first year riding S2Maui, achieved his career best PWA event result, finishing second! Also in her first year on S2Maui, Sarah Hauser achieved her goal of the IWT Big Wave Award, riding mountainous surf at Pe’ahi (Jaws)! Congratulations Team! Working together, and through uncompromised focus on creating a superior product, our goal is that each new and every ongoing S2Maui customer will be impressed by the performance, design, incredible light weight and superior material quality of our exclusive SpaceLight™ construction and not want to sail anything else.
– Aloha, Artur Szpunar