Introducing the 2021 Race/Foil Race/Free Race Program


We have been busy with development and are excited to present to you our new 2021 Race/Foil-race/Free-race and Foil-Freerace Program.
Highlights for 2021 VENOM development include new sizes with a slightly shorter chord length, smaller head and more efficient twist pattern. The result is all the power of the 2020, but with increased top speed, acceleration, efficiency and ease in jibes.

The foil race discipline is rapidly evolving in both slalom and course and after significant development we are pleased to introduce our new EAGLE-FR foil race sail which replaces the V-FR of previous years. Designed to win, the EAGLE-FR incorporates a revised high aspect outline with shorter chord length, smaller head, lower foot, flatter more forward draft and wide sleeve.

The WICKED continues as our successful and versatile Freerace sail and has been fine-tuned, size by size for improved range. By popular demand, new for 2021 we introduce the S2Maui OSPREY foil-specific freerace sail. 2-cams, a high aspect ratio, narrower head, tighter leech twist, more forward draft and low-cut foot make the OSPREY specifically optimized for incredibly efficient and stable foil flight.