Introducing the 2020 Race Freerace Foil Race Program


After an intense summer and fall of development, we are excited to present the new 2020 @S2Maui #Venom Race, V-FR Foil Race and Wicked Freerace/Foil Freeride Program. Please check with your local shop/importer for full details and preorder.
Highlights for 2020 include new Venom sizes with shaping, performance and camber improvements. Venom is designed for maximum speed, acceleration and efficiency in slalom racing. The powerful new 9.0 size excels at light wind slalom performance as well as Foil/Slalom. S2Maui’s exclusive “Intense metallic Blue” and “Bright Molten Red” Technora Spacelight materials are used in the upper and mid leech for the lightest weight and lightning quick reflex!

We have also worked hard on the 2020 V-FR (Venom Foil race) range and have major improvements over the already successful 2019 range which saw Delphine Cousin win all PWA Foil race events and Antoine Questel win a foil-slalom elimination in Costa Brava. 2020 V-FR has a new twist pattern, profile and outline, taking it to the next performance level. The new 7.0 size, 8.0 and 9.0 are designed for maximum performance in both Foil Slalom and Foil Course style racing. The 9.9 size is 100% foil course racing
The 2020 Wicked shares the development features found in the Venom and continues as an outstanding, super-light, high performance Freerace and FreeRaceFoil sail. Smaller sizes now benefit from RDM compatibility.