Artur Szpunar Introduces S2Maui


On behalf of the entire S2Maui team, welcome to our official website. It’s been a crazy, intense year, building S2Maui from the ground up and thanks to our incredible team, it feels great to finally present the results. We knew from the start that past accomplishments aren’t enough, and to make an impact in today’s windsurfing world we needed something with cutting edge performance that could not be found elsewhere and would leave a memorable impression. So we decided to pull out all the stops to develop the ultimate, no-compromise performance sail range. With a passion for windsurfing, expressed daily on Maui’s North shore, these are our dream sails, come to life.

We started by working with the world’s premier sail cloth supplier to develop our exclusive super-light and strong “SpaceLight™” laminate materials. The materials were custom designed to work with our original oriented panel “Warp-path” construction and have resulted in the lightest and strongest sail construction that still allows full shaping flexibility. The best construction means nothing without design quality, and years of experience developing championship designs, meticulous attention to every detail, and a creative and passionate drive for progressive performance ensures that we exceed the highest standard.

Sorry for the hype, but it’s all true. It’s why we’re here. We look forward to supplying the definitive on-the water experience to passionate windsurfers everywhere.


Artur Szpunar

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