On Sunday night the North Shore forecast was calling for moderate side off winds and a dying swell at Ho’okipa.  With photo-shoot season in full effect I went to bed envisioning a pretty crowded day on the water fighting for whatever was left with everyone trying to get their picture taken, and was not to thrilled about it.

However as the day unfolded the weather proved the forecasts wrong yet again, and by 2pm only a light offshore breeze had filled in and the waves were still firing.  When I pulled into the lot, instead of having to hunt for a spot as I feared, the place was wide open and only a handful of sailors were on the water.

It was a particularly tricky day, the wind was so light and offshore that there were glassy spots everywhere, and you had to time it just right as the sets were still closing out the channel.  I was hesitant to rig up at first as it seemed a little sketchy and everyone was talking about the people who had already been on the rocks.  But I had a 5.2 Dragon from Art to try and he was always insisting on it’s amazing low end so I figured ‘might as well see for myself.’  Plus Levi and KP were rigging right next to me so I kinda felt like I didn’t have much of a choice!

I was immediately grateful for the 5.2 the second I stepped off the beach and headed for the channel, it’s extra umphhh was just enough to bob around the rocks and to the channel and out.

I was instantly impressed with how light the 5.2 still felt, and I laughed with a couple of my friends  on the outside that I actually rigged a 5.2 instead of my 4.6.  Everyone had the same reaction ‘that’s a 5.2?’  It’s short luff is deceiving, but the drive is there, and it was perfect.

I only caught a couple waves, but they were glassy and the 5.2 felt so light in the hands and like it just wanted to turn, which was fine by me.  In the end the wind pretty much completely died, and when Robby Naish pointed out to me the planes landing in the Kona wind pattern it was clear it was time to go in.  Even with the 5.2 it was a bit adventurous to slog back through middles, but back on shore I was stoked with my sick unexpected session.