A new panel layout for 2024 combined with refined shaping gives the latest S2Maui Ninja and more direct, crisp and responsive feel with increased stability. Recognizing the high impact nature of freestyle and foil, the NINJA has been engineered with a robust yet super-lightweight full-x-ply construction. Large panels of S2Maui’s optical, wide spaced x-ply maintain the crisp feel of monofilm, but with the durability of X-ply. Carbon WX Spacelight™ has been oriented in the foot and clew areas to lock in profile and increase strength. Technora™ Spacelight™ throughout the leech and head areas ensures excellent strength and incredible light weight. This new, high strength construction gives the NINJA versatility as dedicated Freestylers and Foil stylers can also occasionally take their quiver into waves with confidence. The NINJA earns its pedigree from our experience designing sails for some of the world’s top freestylers. Moderately high aspect ratio with balanced leech tension provide instant reaction, rapid rotation and powerful acceleration to energize progressive freestyle maneuvers both on fin and foil. The higher aspect and tighter leech also contribute to steady foil flight and are perfectly suited to maneuver oriented wind-foiling.

Bryan Metcalf-Perez:
“Whether it’s 30 feet up and upside down in the Gorge, double pop freestyle fun in the flats, foiling in the smooth breeze of French Polynesia, or even some waves, I can always count on my S2Maui Ninja to get me exactly where I need to be.”

Artur Szpunar:
An all new panel layout for the 2024 Ninja achieves that more direct, responsive feeling which is so desirable in freestyle. Improved load distribution from the clew and tack improves stability and efficiency.