The 2023 EAGLE-FR development is 100% focused to be at the pinnacle of performance in the rapidly evolving foil slalom and course race disciplines. S2Maui’s world cup foil race machine is developed working together with feedback from Antoine, Delphine and Micah and built upon an impressive foil race pedigree including Delphine Cousin winning 2 consecutive PWA Foil World Championships, Antoine Questel winning the first ever PWA exhibition foil title together with some of the first ever foil-slalom races and Micah Buzianis’ world-champion test expertise. A new generation of young S2Maui riders, including Justine Lemeteyer and Lohan Jules is now also showing the EAGLE-FR’s potential on top of the podium!

New for 2023 are 4.5 and 5.2 EAGLE-FR sizes designed for high wind foil-slalom where an emphasis on exceptional speed, control and stability is paramount. Shaping development for 2023 has focused on refining the leading edge, lower sail body and leech twist profiles to maximize acceleration and top speed while providing extreme stability and a light feel throughout a wide wind range. Lightweight performance monofilm throughout the sail body enhances direct feel and stability while S2Maui’s exclusive superlight and strong Technora Spacelight™ is oriented in the leech for lightning fast twist response, incredible light weight and good durability. The EAGLE-FR uses a higher aspect ratio with short cord length and minimal clew cutout. A slippery fast, incredibly efficient foil-race specific twist pattern with tighter leech tension in the top 3 battens and smooth progression from clew to head allows the sail to breath and adjust itself for the most efficient airfoil profile. High carbon content tube battens give the 2023 EAGLE-FR incredible locked stability allowing the racer to maintain perfect trim and body position.