The 2023 Catalyst dishes out the explosive energy to perfectly suit Camille Juban’s aggressive style, down-the line riding. The Catalyst benefits from our new incredibly strong and low stretch Carbon WX Spacelight™ blended with ultralight Technora™ Spacelight™ carefully load oriented according to S2Maui’s WARP-PATH™ panel layout for excellent profile stability and wind range in gusty, offshore conditions. The lightest production 3-batten wave sail, it is designed for instant reactivity that will energize your wave ride and facilitate aggressive lines and progressive moves like takas, goiters, 360’s and new ones yet to be dreamed up. Lightning quick and agile, the Catalyst allows you to get more vertical, cut deeper and explore your limits!

Camille Juban:
“The S2Maui Catalyst is my favorite sail for wave riding. From Cloudbreak to the Caribbean, the Catalyst makes it easier and more fun!”

For the 2023 Catalyst, we increased the shape stability at the foot batten while also improving the twist pattern to be more continuous and more connected in the mid and upper leech, leading to improved overall wind range and better release in vertical top turns. The virtually zero stretch of the load oriented Carbon fiber in our WARP-PATH™ panel layout, provides an incredibly stable and responsive structure especially important in a 3-batten sail. Shape and orientation of the superlight Technora™ Spacelight™ upper sail body panels has been refined to enhance twist response during the top turn.